ASEC: Contactless technology - Contactless payment - LEGIC advant
ASEC S.A. develops contactless technology and contactless payment. We implement and sell RFID contactless readers as well as smart cards. Secondly, we design, develop, implement and distribute multi-application smart card based systems and solutions such as city transport and parking systems. We have developed and implemented a complete system for Warsaw City Cards, cards and POS terminals equipped with contactless readers that have been provided by ASEC to the operator of the system. ASEC transactional systems, petroleum systems, time & attendance, access control and other systems have been implemented in several institutions and companies. The ASEC company is a wholly owned subsidiary of On Track Innovations Ltd. ("OTI") and as such also sells, distributes and technically supports OTI's devices and solutions, contactless and EMV smart cards, readers and payment solutions.

ASEC was founded in 1997 and in October 2004 has become a member of the OTI Group. On Track Innovations Ltd. (OTI) is a global leader in contactless technology: contactless microprocessor-based smart card solutions for homeland security, contactless payment, petroleum and more (

From the very beginning ASEC has been involved in adapting contactless smart card technologies in creating identification and security systems as well as high-quality systems facilitating business processes.

For access control applications ASEC offers a complete line of readers based on 13,56 MHz technologies. A modern design and rich housings perfectly ensures suitability even for the most demanding environments. These innovative readers are equipped with most of the common interfaces. RFID products of ASEC company are designed to work in applications that are either stand-alone or part of a network or system. We are known to have designed successful networks or system including access control networks, time & attendance systems, toll road payment, contactless payment, city cards, university cards, loyalty cards, as well as public transportation ticketing, sport & recreation facilities management and even park and ride and prepaid metering. more

ASEC: Contactless Technology - Contactless Payment - LEGIC advant

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